Vertical Grinding

Small, compact and simple for the external and internal grinding of large workpieces. The grinding wheel holder axis, equipped with electro-spindle, can be tilted manually in just a few minutes and allows the machine, by “profiling the grinding wheel”, to grind diameters and surfaces, without having to separate/elevate the workpiece from the magnetic table, thus reducing placement times. A bevel of just 0.2 millimetres is, in fact, sufficient to carry out grounding of diameters without having to elevate the piece. VGM is suitable for small high-precision production lots and can be equipped with the fourth axis to grind cam profiles and complex shapes.

The machine is equipped with:

  • Siemens numerical control
  • Filter
  • Electro-spindle cooling system
  • Automatic grinding wheel dressing cycle


  • Fumes extraction system
  • 4thaxis
  • Touch probe
  • Storage tools
  • Magnetic plan
  • Dressing roller

The VGM has a wide application range: Wind, Naval, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aero-space, etc.




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