MAS has developed a brilliant new innovative, flexible, modular honing system that provides flexible solutions to meet all your honing needs. The brilliant new idea consists of Honing Expansion Modules which can either be used as stand-alone lapping units or combined with Progressive Honing modules. The Expansion Module has been designed for roughing large quantities of material whilst simultaneously creating a crosshatch pattern. Its machining range is from ø 5 to ø 100 mm.
It provides fast, accurate and precision honing for a wide variety of jobs such as gears, cylinder liners, cylinder barrels, connecting rods, rocker arms, fuel injectors and hydraulic valves.
The compact design is simple, robust and modular. Standard features include CNC control of both honing cycle parameters and the coolant filtration system.
MAS Expansion Modules are designed to work with both their own expansion honing mandrels and tools plus other types made by all the major honing manufacturers.